Agreement For Exporting Essential Oils New York Times Crossword

“The Iliad” is an epic poem by the Greek poet Homer that tells the story of the ten-year siege of Ilium (i.e. “Troy”) during the Trojan War. “The Odyssey,” also attributed to Homer, is sometimes described as the sequel to “The Iliad.” Take 63A, “Exercise Program Made in Formal Clothes?” I quickly scraped “Tuxedo” or “Tux” or “Dress” pretty quickly, and with a few crosses, I discovered that part of this equation was BOW TIE — so the other side had to be TAE BO, a classic of crossword puzzles. Note that the entries in these two examples are in the opposite order of the parts of the indications; this is consistent throughout the grid. Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of several species known as the “tea tree” and all of which belong to the myrtle family. Oil is used as a popular remedy for several skin diseases, including acne, nail fungus and the athlete`s foot and scales. We are cautioned that tree oil is toxic when taken internally and can cause skin irritation when used outdoors. An iguana is a lizard and, as such, cold-blooded. There are times when pet elegies need heat from an IR lamp to maintain body temperature. Some of them are particularly crystalline, so let`s start with 48A, simplicity itself. You get “agreement for the export of essential oils?”; The notion of TREATY immediately comes to the idea of an export agreement. If you are ever on your essential oils, then TEA TREE will come to mind as a common one; If you could TEA TREE next to Treaty, there`s your game. Say it out loud if necessary.

They flip the two syllables of half, then take a homophone for the second half. 1 Crawling Marine Mollusque: SEA SLUG 8 Victorious Scream: I DID IT! 14 Say first: ON BASE 20 “Crossroads of America”: INDIANA 21 woman in F. Scott Fitzgerald “Tender Is the Night”: NICOLE 22 Uprights, z.B.: PIANOS 23 Low end? : KNEE-HIGH HEINIE 25 Which blocks of sunshine, abbreviated: UV RAYS 26 Rushes: HIES 27 Hangout on “The Simpsons”: MOE`S 28 One in two for a goat? : ANTLER 30 Something, slangily: SORTA 32 Misleading: ERR 33 part of the city that can be dangerous: BAD AREA 35 Tater: TOT 38 Extraterrestrial of the planet Melmac: ALF 40 Emphatic ends with yes or no: … SIREE 42 Bulging bicep, in slang: GUN 43 Raise: REAR 44 Wet: MOISTEN 48 Agreement for the export of essential oils? : TEA TREE TREATY 51 Raggedy: ANN 52 About an hour after noon: ONEISH 54 Spend the whole weekend solving crossword puzzles, say, with “out”: NERD 55 Fools: ASSES 56 Movie-rating org.