Bbedit License Agreement

License: You cannot use the program and documentation on more than five (5) computers and copy the program and documentation into a readable or printed form to back up or support your use of the program and documentation on all computers, provided that no copy of the program and documentation is used by anyone other than you. You may not use or copy the program, documentation or copy of the program unless it is included in this Agreement. You cannot change or transfer all or part of the program, documentation or copy of it (free of charge). If you use, copy, modify or transfer all or part of the program or documentation, your license will be automatically terminated, unless expressly stated in this Agreement. A short and simple license with conditions that require only the preservation of copyright and license mentions. Licensed works, modifications and major works can be distributed under different conditions and without source code. It is not legal advice. Learn more about filing licenses. I bought in early 2018 a version of BBEdit from the App Store for much of the change. I`ve already enjoyed the app`s features and I can`t find any reason to ask for changes. In the meantime, since I paid the full purchase price that this software would remain functional until it develops features that justify my duplication activity. However, in October of this year, Bare Bones used the App Store to “update” me to an unauthorized version (v13) of the software, which now requires a monthly subscription to keep running.

Fortunately, I kept a copy in my Timemachine backup the day before the publication and recovered what I paid rightly and I must be allowed to reuse it in accordance with this sales contract. I write this review as a warning that this company has no fear of slipping you into an unacceptable subscription without warning. Everyone wants recurring income… But I don`t worry about having extra bills for every software I use from time to time. You should give your previously loyal customers (like me) the option (subscription with software updates) or flat-pricing without an update.