Business Wire Transfer Agreement

15. Use of correspondence accounts. A transfer can be made by any corresponding bank of the beneficiary`s bank and the bank in a manner deemed most appropriate and effective by the participating bank or other bank. THIS WIRE TRANSFER TRANSFER SERVICE (APPENDIX) is established by and between RADIUS Bank and the company, limited liability company, limited liability company, non-profit association or organization, or any other business entity or government or other public body (the “customer”) and is listed by reference to the parties` management services agreement (the “contract”).. This appendix applies to all transfer services provided by the bank to the customer in accordance with this schedule (hereafter referred to as “service”). The service can be used in conjunction with the Business Online Banking Service and this schedule must be interpreted in a manner consistent with the business Online Banking Service`s terms, if any. All the terms roughly used in this un defining term have the meaning given to them in the agreement. Unless otherwise provided, this schedule, to the extent that this schedule is inconsistent with the provisions of the agreement or the terms of use of the Business Online Banking Services described in it, is amended in this appendix and any changes that are made from time to time, and only to the extent necessary to resolve such a conflict. This appendix is effective if it is signed by both parties and this date is as described above. 10.2 If a transfer received or approved by the bank (or a request to cancel or modify a transfer) has actually been sent or approved by the bank, the customer must pay the bank the amount of such a transfer, whether or not the bank has complied with the security procedures applicable to the service and that this transfer has been wrong in any way , or that such an error has been detected. if the bank had complied with security procedures. 10.1 If a bank transfer (or request to cancel or change a transfer) has been sent in accordance with the security procedures applicable to the service and claims to have been forwarded or authorized by the Customer, it is considered a transfer (or request) from the Customer, even if the transfer (or request) has not been approved by the Customer.

If the bank has accepted the transfer (a) in accordance with the security procedures relating to this transfer, (b) in accordance with an agreement or written instruction from the customer, limits the acceptance of the transfer issued on behalf of the customer and (c) in good faith, then the customer is required to pay the amount of this transfer to the bank. When filing lead requests or related instructions, the customer is required to provide all necessary information from the bank. The bank`s service is designed only to respond to customer information. As a result, any inaccuracy of the information provided by the client may lead to an involuntary transfer of funds.