Collective Agreement Mol

In addition to a database on labour relations and collective bargaining information, an updated collective and arbitration repository is maintained and made available to clients. The Collective Bargaining Services Unit collects, analyzes and distributes information on approximately 13,300 collective agreements in Ontario. The service establishes and analyzes changes in labour relations, the results of collective bargaining, wages and benefits, and develops a number of related reports. The committee was established to advise the Minister on legislation on the provision of employment services and the regulation of private employment agencies. We make sure that our rewards package is competitive in the marketplace. We continuously monitor best practices in recruiting, motivating and engaging colleagues. In addition, we want to harmonize compensation levels in companies with similar business profiles across the group, taking into account local needs and the local business environment. We have a strict directive which stipulates that all our employees, regardless of gender, age and nationality, have the right to be compensated in the same way, with transparent remuneration policies at the group level. The rules at the enterprise level are also defined by collective agreements (CA). The service provides research and analysis support to a wide range of clients, including government, work and management, headteachers, law firms, negotiators and academics.

We use the international approach of total remuneration, which structures important compensation elements, including annual base salary, incentives and benefits. In this way, we recognize great performance and integrate the award with career prospects for the success and growth of our colleagues and our company. Above all, the Commission provides a floor of social protection through the provision of social benefits in order to meet socio-economic needs and promote well-being. These benefits include income during maternity or sick leave. Benefits also cover permanent disability payments, retirement payments or the death of a member. It is a tripartite body made up of representatives of the state, employers` organizations and workers` representatives, which advises the Minister on labour issues and makes recommendations on national policies. We put people first. We believe that the best way for our colleagues to take care of our clients is for them to be properly recognized and rewarded.