Company May Conclude Agreement

The location and conditions of payment for non-monetary wages are defined in the collective agreement or employment contract. The agreement is signed by representatives of the parties. An employment contract may be terminated before the withdrawal period has expired, by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. The collective agreement, taking into account the financial and economic situation of the employer, can be benefits and bonuses for workers who have more favourable working conditions than those provided by the laws, other normative acts, agreements. Workers who have a two-month employment contract are given two days of leave or a two-day-a-month bill. Persons who have entered into employment contracts with organisations in the Far North and equivalent regions and who have arrived from other regions of the Russian Federation under these contracts receive the following guarantees and allowances at the employer`s expense: Article 69. Medical examination necessary to enter into an employment contract Employees who carry out their training in the organization may, by mutual agreement with the employer, be excused by the work entrusted to them by the part-time employment contract. A training agreement may include other conditions set by the parties. To enter into a contract, several companies such as limited liability companies, trusts and cooperatives must be registered in regular registers. It is not enough to create a company with an agreement, but the listing of a limited liability company in the trade register gives the company the power to enter into an agreement. A person who entered into an agreement on behalf of the company prior to registration is personally responsible for the agreement. More information about the action on behalf of a company can be found in a paragraph [1.1.3 Measures on behalf of a limited liability company prior to registration].

The exact amount of wage increases is determined by the employer taking into account the opinion of the employee`s representation or the collective agreement, employment contract. A full liability agreement may be concluded with the staff of religious organizations, in accordance with the list established in the internal regulations of the religious organization. Article 318. State guarantees for workers laid off due to the liquidity of the company, downsizing The employment contract is concluded in cases where labour relations cannot be fixed indefinitely, given the nature of the impending work or the terms of their performance, unless that code or other federal laws provide for something else. Differences in the investigation, conclusion and recording of accidents in production, non-recognition of an accident by the employer or its agent, refusal to investigate an accident and the corresponding statement, the disagreement of the victim or his substitute with the content of that statement is examined by the national authorities responsible for occupational safety or by the court. In these cases, the filing of a complaint is not grounds for non-compliance with the decisions of the occupational health and safety inspector by the employer or its authorized representative. The worker has the right to initiate changes to the essential conditions of an employment contract for reasons related to a change in the organizational or technological aspects of the work environment if the worker`s work function is not changed.