Iata Charter Agreement

The plane: All the planes that the company charterer charters. The charterer: Any person, company or corporate charter organization or offer to charter any airline aircraft. (For the exclusive use of passenger aircraft – between charterers and brokers as intermediaries) The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has developed the attached draft model contract as a guide for its members and others, with respect to frequently used contractual clauses, which are involved in agreements that may cover the transactions they carry out. The attached project model is developed only as an indication and as an example and is not exhaustive or final, as all transactions are different. BACA does not provide any assurance or assurance as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its content and BACA disclaims any responsibility for the people who can count on it. People who wish to use this project should seek their own legal advice. 2.2 Any order or acceptance of an offer for the charter of an aircraft is subject to these terms and conditions. 2.12 UNUTILIZED SPACE. In the event that the available space is not used at the time of departure, CHARTERER accepts the use of this space by CARRIER without reimbursement or reduction of the charter price, but only for the transport of CARRIER staff and property. Si l`exécution du vol par l`affréteur ou quelqu`un, qui agit, est empêché ou retardé en son nom, y compris (mais sans se limiter à) un passager qui arrive plus de 20 minutes avant l`heure de départ prévue, le prix de l`affrètement reste payable et la compagnie peut, à sa discrétion et sans aucune responsabilité, prendre le vol ou choisir de retarder le vol, auquel cas l`affréteur effectuera un vol journalier de deux heures et demie au prix actuel du vol. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nom de l`opérateur Partie 135. (CARRIER) makes charter traffic available below, in accordance with the following provisions and the terms and conditions of sale added to it; that are part of this agreement. 3.03 COSTS OF ANTI-EIS/DE-DEISPITAL.

An additional charge at the charter price indicated in this agreement is assessed by the AFFREUR TO THE AFFREUR for fifty (50) per cent of all ground-to-ice/de-icing costs incurred by CARRIER during the execution of flights under this agreement. 5.10 FORCE MAJEURE. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement and subject to compliance with existing laws, regulations and contracts, the provision of transport under this Agreement is subject to the following provisions: Act of God; Quarantine restrictions; Fire fog; Flooding Weather The closure of the airport damage or destruction of flight equipment that is not caused by a carrier or by its personnel or agent; Fuel downtime trouble or disorder war or the dangers or dangers that invade a state of war; or any other action, material or material that is beyond CARRIER`s control and that prevents, delays or interrupts the establishment, operation or execution of such transport (individually and collectively called “force majeure”). In the event that a case of force majeure results in the cancellation of a flight, CARRIER reimburses the amount paid for the cancelled air transport. In addition, carrier, in coordination with CHARTERER, is doing everything in its power to divert passengers affected by a case of force majeure through an alternative air service or other means of transport. In the event that a cancellation due to force majeure required that air carriers be obliged to take aircraft to operate the next CHARTERER flight, the carrier and the charter agree to share the costs of such a ferry flight equally; It was agreed that this cost is 95 per cent (95%) one point of the aut