Impartiality Agreement

THE management of CAST Laboratories will not disclose this information to third parties unless a prior agreement has been reached by customers, customers and/or other related parties. Confidential information relates to all technical and non-technical information, including documentation, drawings, plans, specifications, policies, procedures, corporate and business secrets, customer data, results and results/reports from tests, methods, formulas; and all other materials provided by CAST Laboratories. THE ASACB welcomes any comments or concerns regarding issues of impartiality or confidentiality. Comments, concerns or problems should be related to asACB. In all our companies (laboratory, inspections and product certification), the general management of CAST Laboratories is committed to independence and impartiality in relations with customers, suppliers, suppliers and partners. All of our officers are aware of their responsibilities and responsibilities, and impartiality must be maintained at all times to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. ASACB attaches the utmost importance to the integrity and impartiality of its certification services. ASACB strives to improve customer confidence through the expertise of auditors and staff; Openness to the certification process and analysis The obligation to respect confidentiality where appropriate; A high level of customer service and responsiveness and the execution of services impartially. In all our companies (laboratory, inspections and product certification), the senior management of CAST Laboratories strives to preserve the confidentiality of our customers, suppliers, suppliers and partners. All confidential and confidential information is kept as such. CAST Laboratories will use this information only to facilitate our business transaction and for communication purposes (e-mail, phone, etc.) if necessary. We maintain a presence of objectivity, independence, neutrality and freedom of conflict of interest. All our employees are aware that the need for confidentiality must be guaranteed at all times.