Individual Consulting Agreement Sample

A compensation clause allows the consultant to work and provide his services, while he will compensate the client for the possible consequences of his work. Depending on the type of contract, compensation may cover negligence and other debts that are directly attributable to the client`s negligence. The fifth part of this agreement, called “V. Contingency”, requires you to address the issue of additional payments that will be forwarded to the advisor, provided a specific objective is accomplished. This is usually based on a percentage of the total money earned or saved by the client as a result of achieving this goal. If such an arrangement exists, check the first box in this statement, enter the percentage that the advisor deserves into the first empty line and the name of the project, target, individual transaction or amount to which the percentage you recorded is applied in the second available line. If there is no contingency fee, check box 2. The answers to these questions and many other questions need to be definitely addressed in your consulting agreement, and today we will cover all these key elements and provide you with a solid and downloadable template that you can use in PDF and Google Doc forms. This standard consulting contract defines the legal relationship between a company that provides consulting services with another company in the province of British Columbia, but can be used anywhere. Feel free to adapt and use it to meet your contractual needs. Don`t forget, though; It`s always a good idea to have a lawyer check a contract before signing it. 1.4 Standard of Behavior. When providing advisory services under this agreement, the advisor must adhere to high professional standards of professional and business ethics.

The advisor must not use the company`s time, equipment or equipment without the company`s prior written consent. Under no circumstances can the consultant take any action or accept any assistance or engage in any activity that would acquire rights of any kind in the results of the work done by or for the company by a university, a state agency, a research institute or any other person, institution or organization. Many projects, tasks or contracts can result in costs during the year. This agreement will involve one or both parties paying the costs of completing this work and documenting it in their content. Look for the eighth article of this agreement (“EDITIONS VIII”) and read the three scenarios described above. The first is the assumption that it is the advisor who assumes the responsibility of covering the costs necessary for the completion of the project or task (defined in the second article). If this is an accurate description of the cost of the project by both parties, check the “Responsible for All Expenses” box. If the advisor has to pay the costs incurred, submit the documents for reimbursement, then mark the second box to be styling. For this return, you must indicate all expenses that can be reimbursed by the customer in the empty line indicated.

This agreement also allows the client to cover all the costs necessary to complete this task. If so, both agree, then check the third box in “VIII Editions.” The client wishes to retain the services of the advisor in order to provide advice on [the extent of counselling services] according to the conditions given to it. 5.3 Each party accepts that, in the absence of the other party`s explicit written agreement, it does not use the other party`s confidential information for any purpose or transmit it to third parties. Each party undertakes to protect the other party`s confidential information from use or disclosure that has not been authorized by or in accordance with this agreement by measures, and to exercise a degree of caution at least as protective as this, xxxxx or (company name), exercises to ensure the confidentiality of their