Lease Agreement Manila

6. SUB-LEASE: LESSEE cannot sublet, admit, or completely or indirectly, the occupation of premises rented by a person, form or organization, or transfer or transfer its rights to another person or institution under that sub-direction and no interest or transfer rights are transferred by the LESSEE without the written consent of the ESOR. I bought property in Bacolod under my name fiancenc¬© in tears 2010 regarding marriage and we got married, in 2012.after 11 months in marriage, the marriage broke down and we broke up. We also got a back seat to settle the real estate issues, as the property has become an absolute common property and a compromise agreement between the two parties who sell the property. 50/50 of the totality, and that we meet the respective obligations and obligations, that have been agreed, as agreed, we both have to sign the title deed, but my problem is that the second party does nothing to sell the property, and neither to get in touch with it will not be provided because she changed her phone number, the only way to contact her is by email, even if she does not respond to what I can do. I have a few interested customers in the property and they accepted the original title of the deeds and also for the sale of the property.but I can`t get in touch with it and so many interested customers were disappointed. Where I`m going or what I can do. Could you advise me? Thank you very much. Please help me. My question is: The landlord requires advances for rent 36,000 and payable for 2 years with agreement corresponding to both parties with signs, the amount of 36,000 will be less each month amounting 1,500 for the rental of the place, but after 6 months the landlord wants to evacuate the place of the tenant, what the tenant does with this type of situation. Please help us…. Tnxs.

Good morning. We have a problem with our tenant. They rent our business unit and they only paid a month in advance. Now our dilemma, they didn`t pay their electricity and water bills for 2 months, they also built a bldg. next to our unity (which is still under our territory) without our permission. We tried to politely ask them to evacuate the area because we have plans to build something of them, but they got angry and told us that we are not allowed to evacuate the area. Can you help me? An inventory list of all appliances, furniture and furniture is provided by the owner or real estate agent and signed by the tenant.