Mn Articulation Agreements

The goal is to help students make transitions that are fluid and fluid, educationally flawless and do not require re-validation. These agreements aim to promote the educational mobility of our students through multiple outings and entries without loss of excessive credit. A articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two or more educational institutions to accept credits for the transfer to a specific academic program (Board Policy 3.21.1 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer) NOTE: Transfer is often done without articulation agreements. Use transfer or transfer guides for course-by-course transfer information. Transfer agreements are formal agreements between two or more higher education institutions and universities to accept credits transferred to a specific academic program. Joint agreements generally apply to specialized vocational or technical programs in higher education institutions (for example. B Science Associates (AS), Associated with Fine Arts (AFA), Applied Science Associates (AAS), diplomas, certificates, which can be applied to a specific program/subject of the receiving university. To assist students in the transfer process, Minnesota West has partnered with many other colleges to offer program-to-program articulation agreements. These agreements should serve as a guide. Our programs and courses are transferable to locations other than those listed; and we are constantly overwhelmed. If you have any questions regarding a program articulation agreement or would like to establish a new program articulation agreement with Minnesota West, please contact our transfer specialist Beth Bents at 507-372-3418 or

CSC has articulation agreements with several universities. Joint agreements are the planning and coordination of training between programs, so that one-level program serves as the basis for the next level. Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IAA.S. or A.A.S. Choose grade BAS ProgramCapella UniversityA.A., A.S., A.A.S. select B. S. Grade. Franklin University, OHA.A., A.S. or A.A.S. to select B.S.

Mount Marty College, Yankton, SDSelect Associate to Applied Technology Management, B.A.Presentation College, Aberdeen, SD Business Management A.A.S. to Business Management B.S. Human Services A.S. to Social Work B.S. Nursing A.S. to Nursing B.S.N.0 Completion Radiologic Technology A.A.S. to Radiologic Technology B.A.S. to Radiologic Technology B.A.S. to Radiologic Technology B.S. Brookings, SD Agriculture A.S. to Agricultural Education, Communication – Leadership (AGCL) – Agricultural Education Specialization B.S. Agriculture A.S.

to Agronomy B.S. Agriculture Business A.S. to Agriculture Business B.S.Agriculture Business A.S. to Agriculutral – Resource Economics B.S. Agriculture Business A.S. to General Agriculture B.S.Agriculture Production Management A.S. to Agricultural Education , Communication – Leadership – Agriculture Education Specialization B.S.