Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill

Lindsay said the proposed bill “would allow the terrorist to tell his story without fear of punishment or prosecution and would provide a one-sided narrative where their actions are justified in one way or another.” “We believe that the bill is perverse because the proposals risk equating the actions of the killers and bombers with the actions of those who have worked to bring them to justice and create the conditions for peace.” The consultation paper on the heritage and the bill outlines plans: the head of the Police Federation of Northern Ireland has described the draft law on the management of the legacy of Northern Ireland`s problems as “perverse”. He added that if the Republic of Ireland did not deal with the structures of the elderly, “those we represent would continue to be treated unfairly and unfairly”34 Advocacy Assistance Director Ken Funston concluded that the organization had found it “almost impossible” to obtain anything from the Irish authorities in old cases.35 Judith Thompson, then Commissioner for Victims , highlighted the role of the Irish government in dealing with old cases. : The agreement proposed four new institutions to take responsibility for the legacy: several other ongoing political disputes were also resolved by the Stormont House agreement. These include the transfer of corporation tax to Northern Ireland. Within Northern Ireland, there was a cross-party consensus on the need to delegate corporation tax to allow the province to compete with the Republic of Ireland in business matters. This is because the Tax Rate in the Republic of Ireland is 12.5%, which is well below the UK tax rate of 20% that Businesses in Northern Ireland currently pay. 22 Office of the Prime Minister, Queen`s Speech December 2019: Background debriefing notes, p. 128 The WMS did not, however, refer to the appropriate role and responsibility of the Irish government with respect to the new heritage. Due to the uncertainty, we call on the UK Government to address this particular issue in its response to this interim report.

20.The Government rightly acknowledges the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland by decoupling Northern Ireland from the Foreign Operations Act (service personnel and veterans). All attempts to mix the two must be rejected. What does the agreement say? With only 14 pages, divided into duplicates — the devil is certainly not in the details. It is clear that progress has been made on social assistance – an important sensitive point for Sinn Fein – and we must now wait to see what steps have been taken to remedy our `special circumstances`, given that, in addition to the tax exemptions already guaranteed for bedrooms, there is expected to be some postponement of the penalties for the disability allowance. In addition, there will be an implementation and reconciliation group that will “supervise issues, archives and information gathering.” It will promote reconciliation and have an independent, international president, appointed Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The political parties will form the rest of the group. 17.Witnesses noted that some cases will require the cooperation and “proactive” approach of the Irish government, 32 Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services, South East East Foundation Fermanagh Victims and Survivors Group, said: 14.WMS stated that the proposals “were developed to remain true to the principles of the Stormont House Agreement”27 Some allegations concerning our investigation have questioned this assertion.