Nuance Dragon Professional Individual License Agreement

I don`t know how many activations each license number has, but I think it`s 3. As the last final license user agreement I read for Dragon Professional Individual and they indicate that you can install the software on 2 pcs, so that would be the minimum. I had an older version of kites, but I lost in a wipe system and couldn`t find the key. Anyway, I`m about to buy Dragon 13 home. My partner and I use it seem strange that we have to buy two licenses. Will the server take over the fact that our voices are different? Perhaps you could give it another try with hints of support, explain that you had technical problems with your computer and could you, please, release another activation. In the past I have had some clients with similar problems, for which nuance then gave an additional activation. It is important that all activations have taken place on the same hardware. I am not sure that there is a firm directive on these things, or that you are happier if you talk to another support person. However, you should not use a single user profile for different people, as Dragon adapts to each speaker.

However, the license is made by user and not by computer. A licensed speaker has the right to create and use multiple voice profiles, and these voice profiles can be stored on one or more computers. However, a separate license must be acquired for each other speaker whose voice profile (s) is used by the software. For previous consumer editions of Dragon voice recognition, such as Home and Premium Editions, Nuance licenses the software. This means that Dragon can be installed on a computer at a physical address. Installation on a secondary computer for backup purposes is also permitted. Like you, I`ve heard that uninstalling on Windows (while the PC is connected to the Internet) should register the installation license, but I`ve never been able to check. I guess it won`t solve anything if you already have the error of too many installations. Hello, I`d like to talk dragon to use my son with sonocent you`ve heard of it? It fits with 100 percent sonocent. My concern is that he uses it for teaching and admitting different teachers? Will dragon speak be able to re-comegize the different voices? I install Dragon Professional Individual 15 on my home PC.