Personal Assistant Agreement Contract

This personal assistant contract (individual version of the employer) covers the requirements of a “Form Section One Statement” under the Employment Rights Act 1996. But it also offers many additional clauses that offer better protection to the employer and address the personal nature of the relationship between an employer and a personal assistant. Thank you, Sandip — that is the problem, and when I deal with the international scene, I am not really sure which jurisdiction should apply. Of course, you would like your country of origin, but I am not sure of the feasibility of this type of cross-border agreement. A local lawyer might be more able to answer, sorry! Certainly, a written agreement is very important when it does business. As an experienced virtual assistant, I will always ensure that my client agreement and I exist in a signed written form, so that if it is correct, I have a complete legal document that I can use in court if necessary. Since this is generally a close and personal relationship, this contract contains specific provisions to ensure that any differences of opinion can be dealt with in a simple way (for example. B specifies that the worker must work flexible hours and that overtime does not increase overtime pay). The contract also sets out the amounts that can be deducted from the personal assistant`s salary to avoid misunderstanding and includes an optional health insurance benefit clause and other benefits. It also contains an extended confidentiality clause to reflect the fact that the employee may have access to confidential personal data. What should be added to your contract? Is there anything missing? A simple virtual assistant contract is worth saving. It doesn`t need to be filled with legal enthes person, but it`s a good idea to have a work agreement between you and your virtual assistant or virtual assistant company.

I`m not a legal expert, so I can`t say exactly how applicable the NDA/Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation clauses will be for virtual assistants abroad, but the inclusion in your contract makes you look as if you take the company seriously and certainly can`t harm you. If you hire an independent virtual assistant outside of Upwork or another third-party website (such as, you should detail your payment terms in your VA contract. How much are you going to pay? How many times are you going to pay for it? What method will you use? (PayPal, transfer, direct payment, cheque, etc.) Finally, more virtual assistant contracts will contain some form of confidentiality agreement. In principle, it`s about protecting your business resources (connection information, customer lists, growth strategies, business secrets, business processes) from the wrong hands. The contract defines the terms of your relationship, including: Please take a look at the example of a virtual assistant contract attached and you feel free to use it and modify it as necessary.