Rac Agreement

The agreement was constantly renewed, but with several changes made in the following years. Another version was agreed by both companies and came into effect on April 3, 1849. [6] This trade agreement provided for the end of the PSAC, which supplied agricultural and pastoral products to the New Archer. [7] U.S. settler attacks on the company`s property under the Oregon Treaty, combined with the California Gold Rush,[8] left Fort Cowlitz and Fort Nisqually underestimated and significantly reduced their operational capabilities. [7] Although Fort Langley and Fort Victoria produced much of the wheat quota for Russian America after 1846, the British were unable to meet the food needs of the Russians. The RAC board of directors found that HBC`s position to halt the delivery of Russian posts “is based on very valid reasons.” [7] In addition, the Russian authorities claimed exclusive timber, fishing and ice rights in the part of the Alaska Panhandle occupied by HBC, in order to allow for further resource exploitation agreements with other companies. [9] After the Fraser Gold Rush, many small traders began operating within the HBC concession and underestimated British fur trading efforts. In the 1860s, the Labouchere operated inside the rented area. [10] In 1862, HBC`s board of directors complained to its Russian counterparts that they “did not grant us protection and that the whole territory was just as free for small traders who did not pay rent”…

[10] Despite this economic competition and declining profits, HBC signed the renewed protocols. [9] The final expiry of the agreement took place on June 1, 1865 [8] An official of the CARs, A. Rutkovsky was sent to London, reached the British capital in January 1865, and proposed a proposal to HBC. In return for an annual payment of £3,000, which retained company positions and rights to an ice-harvesting monopoly, the RAC would lease all of Russia`s land south of Mount St. Elias. [9] All Russian fur traders would also operate only on behalf of HBC. Historian John Semple Galbraith evaluated Rutkowski`s considered offer as “such a proposal would have been accepted without hesitation if it had been made twenty years earlier. But the same uncertainties about the value of the fur trade that led the Russians to make such an offer in 1865 prevented the Hudson`s Bay Company from accepting it. [9] In addition, by that time, the British had already formulated plans to create stations in the Yukon where internal trade remained accessible.

[10] Shortly after the ratification of the Purchase of Alaska by the United States of America, HBC asked whether the lease was still in effect. Mikhail Tebenkov replied that the RAC itself was not aware of the terms of the contract, but said that the company “can only consider that the transfer itself will cause our government to refuse to sanction our agreement with your honorable body for the continuation of the lease of the Stackine territory”. [10] Although HBC called for the termination of the agreement when the official handover to the Americans took place, it considered that it could operate unilaterally in the Edge Stikine; an interpretation that the Americans have not recognized. [10] The RAC-HBC agreement then played a role in the Alaska border dispute. You can deduct RAC contributions from your employee`s gross salary under the net salary agreement when calculating their tax….