Rental Agreements Covid 19

The crisis shield does not regulate any other issues relating to leases other than the temporary expiry of contracts in shopping centres, the possibility of extending the tenancy period by the tenant and the prohibition of termination of contracts and rents by the landlord (the possibility of extending the duration of the tenancy by the tenant and the prohibition of termination of contracts and rents by the landlord are mentioned in the section renewal and prohibition of termination of leases). We see reasonable arguments on both sides. Nevertheless, we believe that we should not forget the broader context of the current situation and the time following the COVID 19 epidemic, especially as leases are concluded for an extended period of time. It is in the interest of owners and tenants to return to the normal operation of retail, office, production and logistics equipment. Cash losses and radical measures can disrupt the return to balance. As a result of the extension, the terms of the agreement remain unchanged. The tenant`s statement must expressly state that the extension takes place until June 30, 2020 and is carried out under the previously applicable conditions. The possibility of renewal applies to all premises leases. The maintenance can be done.

These include professional services such as plumbers, electricians and craftsmen, who can work on and in rental properties. Physical desensited and hygienic instructions must be followed when they are in homes and records must be kept for follow-up. Surface cleaning in the area we are working on should also be done. The introduction of temporary termination of leases under the crisis shield can have a significant impact on shopping centre activity, but can be interpreted in different ways. In addition, the scope of these regulations is quite limited. The rental grant is granted from March 16 and 2 months after the end of the quarantine.