Technical Evaluation Agreement

It is recommended that all participants in the evaluation process sign a non-conflict declaration of confidentiality, impartiality and conflict of interest for each assessment. The evaluation criteria and evaluation method should have been defined in the development phase and published to bidders in the Tender Notices (UTIs) or ojEU. The evaluation process consists of the preliminary review and evaluation of the bids received and deemed valid in order to assess their response to the specifications and requirements of the appeal document, to analyze the costs and benefits, and to determine their price and value. The evaluation, as well as the definition of the requirements and the criteria and evaluation methods indicated in the requirement document, form the basis for the subsequent selection of the offer that offers the entity the best value for money. No member of the evaluation body should properly assess both the quality/technical and commercial elements of the offer. They must ensure that the evaluation panel provides a rationale for their assessment. This will help prepare non-status quo notices and debriefing providers. The time scales for the evaluation of tenders can be reduced when the evaluation of pcS tenders is used. This is because the comments and scores of all reviewers can be compiled automatically. This information can also be used as the basis for the delimitation report. The best value for money in the evaluation of the offer means that price alone is not always the only criterion to be taken into account in an evaluation method.

Other criteria such as quality, availability, time, compliance, maintenance and support costs, life cycle costs, etc., are part of the equation to determine the best return on investment for the purchase of goods, services or works. A table/summary provides an overview of all offers that meet procedural requirements (for example. B the sealed offer) of the appeal document and which were considered valid offers for further evaluation after the opening of the offer. If alternative offers are authorized by the invitation document, they should also be recorded as tables when they are considered valid, i.e.: