Theater Rental Agreement

(f) If the property of the licensee or third party is removed, disposed of and/or stored by The Bing Crosby Theater pursuant to a provision in this Agreement, all removal, disposal or storage costs are borne by the licensee. The licensee waives any claim of damage or destruction of its property and undertakes to exempt and compensate the Bing Crosby Theater and GVD from losses, liabilities or claims of third parties. (a) The licensee will hold the Bing Crosby Theater and GVD free of any loss of liability, death or injury of a person or property damage resulting from the acts, negligence or omissions of the licensee, his agents, his employees or his cartridge in or around the premises, or that result directly or indirectly from a violation of one of the terms of this Agreement. If one of the parties files an action or legal action to enforce this Agreement, the dominant party is entitled to reasonable legal fees and fees, but the licensee is not entitled to an amount of more than $1,000.00. These amounts include legal fees and the costs of enforcing the provisions of this Agreement and defending or prosecuting any wrongdoing or contract resulting from non-compliance with its obligations under this agreement. Food, candy, chewing gum and beverages are not allowed on stage unless these items are “accessories” and are necessary as part of the room. Specific foods and beverages must be pre-approved by Starbright. Food or beverages used on stage must not leave stains or residue on the stage floor or curtains. Starbright strongly discourages the use of fatty foods and coca drinks. Bottled water is allowed for actors on stage.

When the seating system is extended in the “theatre” configuration, NO FOOD, CANDY, GUM, OR BEVERAGE IS ALLOWED in the audience seated area. Bottled water is allowed in the auditorium. Tenants can only charge on the dates and times specified in a rental agreement. As part of the unloading, Renter should remove all sets and materials brought to the theatre and dispose of them properly, unless Renter receives Starbright`s express permission to leave certain materials. As part of the unloading tenants, the theatre and all equipment should be restored in the same precise condition as in the beginning of the rental period. (b) Recovery by the licensee due to the absence or inability of the Bing Crosby Theater to make available, for whatever reason, the premises granted under this agreement, is limited to the return of a down payment. Ancillary or consecutive damages are only repeated until the full amount of consideration actually paid to the Bing Crosby Theater. Starbright allows food and drink only in the lobby; or in the auditorium, if the seat system is fully tidy.

Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium if the seat system is extended to “theatre seats.” If the tenant wishes to provide food or beverage services at any time during the rental period, the tenant must enter into special agreements with Starbright at least 15 calendar days prior to the start of the rental period.