Unity Asset Store License Agreement

What you said is confusing, because in “Essentials” you can say another package “Standard Assets (For Uniyt 2017.3) with the same licenses and description that we use for our projects You cannot agree to access (or try) the Unity Asset Store in any way other than the interface provided by Unity, unless you expressly use it in a separate Unity agreement. You expressly agree not to access (or access) the Unity Asset Store in an automated manner (including the use of scripts, crawlers or similar technologies from time to time). “Support The Creator Program” or the “Program” program, which Unity can initiate at its sole discretion to allow clients to deposit program funds directly to suppliers, in addition to the royalties collected. Free and remunerated asset providers are automatically included in the program, but receive program funds only if they have provided Unity with a valid payment processor account for payment. 2.9.4 Refunds authorized for each license acquired by exchanging valid credits are credited to this credit account. The licensee may, at its sole discretion, provide asset upgrades to END USER from time to time without requesting further payments. Regardless of this, end-users are only allowed to concede upgrades if the end user has an upgrade contract with the licensee. The end user can only use the updated assets in accordance with the terms of this AEA. The licensee grants the end user a limited, non-exclusive, global license for personal and non-commercial assets; no other use is allowed or allowed. With the exception of Services SDKs, end-users can change assets.

End-users must not reproduce, distribute, sublicensing, rent, lease or lend assets. Without limitation of the above, it is pointed out that end-users are not allowed to share the costs of purchasing an asset and then have that asset used by third parties who have contributed to that purchase (Forum Pooling). > the publisher`s expansion resources are not part of a construction. You`re just part of your project to add features to the Unity editor. In fact, you are not allowed to send any of the publisher`s extension codes or assets with your product. Unity can provide you with different payment methods to make it easier to purchase assets from the Unity Asset Store. You agree to comply with all relevant terms of use or any other legal agreement, whether It is Unity or a third party, that regulate your use of a specific payment method. You agree that Unity reserves the right to add or remove payment methods at their discretion and without notice. If you want to discuss more about this, please contactez-support@unity3d.com If there are characters, images, music, symbols, visual effects, etc. of Unity Mall in the game, and the unit prohibits players from using my game for live broadcasting and making winnings, but some players are doing the live broadcast, is it my injury or the player`s injury? Should I explicitly tell the players in the game that they should not broadcast the game live, since my game material comes from the Unity Asset Store? Unity “Restricted Assets” is subject to restrictions that others do not have. These apply only to personal and non-commercial use.

No other use is allowed and these unit assets should not be used in your commercial games. Can I use Unity Asset Store assets that are not free outside the game? From time to time, Unity may discover an asset on an asset store that violates the asset store provider agreement between a supplier and Unity or other legal agreements, laws, regulations or guidelines.