Working Rule Agreement Clause 17.4

35 ANNEXE 2 CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY JOINT COUNCIL Joint Secretaryaries Note Night Workers and Health Assessments Under the Provisionen Under the Provisions of Time Regulations 1998 workers who are designated night workers must be offered a free health assessment before taking up night work to check they are allyphysic and mentally fit to your night work. Section 28.2 describes a night worker as follows: 28.2 A night worker is defined as a worker who works at least 3 hours of his or her daily working time between the hours of 12 and 6 hours most often. In addition, Rule 7.2 refers to the average weekly working time as follows: And 7.2 If there are objective or technical reasons for the organization of work, the average weekly duration of work is calculated by referring to a 12-month period for which the employer respects the general principles of protection of workers` health and safety. , as well as equivalent periods of compensatory rest or, in exceptional cases, where it is not possible to do so for objective reasons. , to grant such deadlines in order to ensure adequate protection for the activists concerned. Rule 7.3 (a) stipulates: 7.3 (a) receive a free health assessment before the start of night work and at intervals of at least three months during which night work is performed. To help employers of night workers meet the above requirements, a health screening questionnaire has been agreed, which is printed on the back of this note. G C LEAN Employer Secretary June 2000 G BRUMWELL Operational Secretary 33 6 The unions involved are the unions involved: UCATT Unite GMB Where, as with the CIJC, a collective agreement is concluded, it is up to each employer to decide whether or not to include the agreement in the terms and conditions of employment of their staff. It is estimated that somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 activists in the UK, the terms of the CIJC agreement are directly integrated into their employment contracts, or at least that their employment contracts are based on the terms of the ICJC.